The purpose of this blog is to be of use to ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL clients and others who are interested in environmental and occupational health. I respectfully ask my audience to respond with cogent comments, amplifications, and questions. I will take the emotional component of such subjects as indoor air quality in to account. And those who respond in the positive or negative without explanation will be answered with a comment such as “Seventy-two (72) people agreed with the above article, and fourteen (14) people disagreed”. I for my part will not try to infer the “why” of unexplained opinions.

As to SPAMMING a BLOG, I just don’t get it. Spammers whether nefarious or merely the sellers of sunglasses are wasting their time and resources. With due respect, my readers and I need our┬áspace since after all this blog is dedicated to learning about environmental and occupational health. And those who have dedicated their professional lives to environmental health do not have a lot of free time to be wasted. However, if you are a seller of environmental equipment or services and your product is relevant to the line of discussion, then please make a comment to that effect (contact information and web links are appreciated).

Regards to all and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Steven R. Pressman
President / Industrial Hygienist


As you may have noticed I have not posted to this blog for some months as ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL’s web presence is being upgraded. A lot of what I do as an Industrial Hygienist has to do with taking care of the immediate needs of my client’s and their employees. My focus since starting ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL in 1988, has been clients first, business administration second. In starting this site I wanted a cogent venue to present important developments in Industrial Hygiene and Safety that was easier to manage than the old .HTML version of this site. Given new OSHA silica rule that is due to be adopted, and recent developments in the way we consider indoor air quality. I will be posting to this site more in the coming weeks.

Steven Pressman
President – Industrial Hygienist

Greetings from Steven Pressman, Industrial Hygienist!

My name is Steven Pressman. I am an Industrial Hygienist in General Practice working in Cleveland, Ohio since 1988. This new WordPress blog is meant to augment the ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL ANI-Gram Newsletter. In the future my clients will be e-mailed the newsletter and the content will be posted here. In addition to posts concerning industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental issues — watch for new categories such disaster preparedness and workplace violence prevention. This blog is meant for the general public, as well as my colleagues in the industrial hygiene and safety field. It is especially directed toward small business owners who have constituted the majority of my clients over the last 25 years. My current website is where you can access the old IH Know How by the link at the very middle of the page.