The purpose of this blog is to be of use to ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL clients and others who are interested in environmental and occupational health. I respectfully ask my audience to respond with cogent comments, amplifications, and questions. I will take the emotional component of such subjects as indoor air quality in to account. And those who respond in the positive or negative without explanation will be answered with a comment such as “Seventy-two (72) people agreed with the above article, and fourteen (14) people disagreed”. I for my part will not try to infer the “why” of unexplained opinions.

As to SPAMMING a BLOG, I just don’t get it. Spammers whether nefarious or merely the sellers of sunglasses are wasting their time and resources. With due respect, my readers and I need our┬áspace since after all this blog is dedicated to learning about environmental and occupational health. And those who have dedicated their professional lives to environmental health do not have a lot of free time to be wasted. However, if you are a seller of environmental equipment or services and your product is relevant to the line of discussion, then please make a comment to that effect (contact information and web links are appreciated).

Regards to all and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Steven R. Pressman
President / Industrial Hygienist

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